Make (Formerly Integromat) Review 2022

What is Make

Make, formerly Integromat is The most advanced tool for tasks automation! Make allows you to visually create, build, and automate workflows. Use the playful drag-and-drop interface to connect apps in a few clicks, and build limitless workflows called scenarios. You can Set your scenarios to run instantly or per schedule, or watch the scenario run in real time whenever you need.

It is extremely easy to use. The flow shows in a logical way what is going to happen, and compared to many competitors this gives you a great overview when you are creating your flows. You can build simple things quickly, but Integromat is powerful enough to create extremely complex flows.


  • Visualize everything you do
  • Detailed information about each execution
  • Functions – as you know them from Excel
  • Choose where to start
  • Routers
  • Error handlers
  • Aggregators and Iterators
  • Filters
  • Connect to almost any app/service with http and JSON modules
  • Live execution and Scheduling
  • Processes transaction
  • Data stores

How it works

In order for Make to automate your tasks for you, you have to create a scenario. A scenario consists of a series of modules that indicate how data should be transferred and transformed between apps/services.

This scenario consists of two elements: the trigger and the action.

The trigger requires you to choose a specific app and an associated action. For example, if you want your Twitter account to trigger something whenever you put a new tweet. You’ll log into your Twitter account and set it up as such:

For example, click on the “Watch Tweets” Trigger. It will trigger whenever you or a selected user – posts a tweet. Next, you choose the action.

Once you set up a Trigger event, you can configure your actions (what you want to happen next). Again using the above example, you could have all New tweets and send them to your Airtable base to keep a track of them. You could trigger an event, when you “Liked a tweet”, and send it to notion to build a personal Swipe file.


The Pricing is Really Fair compared to Zapier and other tools. The Free Plan has: 1,000 operations and 5 MB data transfer Core Plan: Starting at $9/month Pro Plan: Starting at $16/month Teams Plan: Starting at $29/month Enterprise Plan: Contact them.

Few Cons

It is complicated to understand compared to similar offerings. As someone who has no programming background it was difficult for me to understand how to arrange things to accomplish what I was trying to accomplish at first.


After a long time of using make, I’m in love with it. It is the most advanced automation tool out there. You can build complex workflows which fit exactly with your Organization’s needs. There’s not much about make that I don’t like about it. It’s fast, it’s advanced, it’s easy. Great integrations, the visual builder is amazing, and the pricing is also very affordable, also a lot cheaper & Powerful than Zapier. So it has my full recommendations.